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If you are looking for speakers for any of your future events, please consider Rhashonna C. Cosby.

Rhashonna C. Cosby is an inspiring speaker whose life experiences have bestowed upon her an in-depth familiarity with a variety of matters that she can speak about with sureness." Starting and running a business, being a woman in local politics, personal growth, and more." Book her to speak at your event or deliver a workshop and be motivated, informed, and empowered!  She is the managing partner at Real Talks for Real Life, LLC. whose mission in part is to educate and empower 

 On December 12, 2019, Rhashonna

  released a manuscript aimed at exposing the inner workings of local politics from her perspective.

Cosby, the first woman of color elected to the Linden governing body in 2011, tells her story of governing in what she says is an atmosphere of 

Plantation Politics. "The political plantation that I found myself on was structured as followed: Union County Democratic Chairman, (Planter) City of Linden Democratic Chairman, (Overseer) Democratic cronies and Councilmembers, (Slaves)." an excerpt from her self published work.

Cosby says, for years, she was a loyal Democrat and toed the line but reveals in her writing why now, she discourages blind allegiance when it comes to politics.  

 "I have always been upfront with people; some people appreciate my honesty, and others don't. I did not run for office to make friends. I ran to make a difference." Said Cosby, who hopes that her truth in the manuscript will shed light on the challenges faced by women of color in politics. 


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